Massage as a Part of an Overall Health Plan

"I have used massage therapy for more than 10 years as a way to treat muscle injuries, manage headaches, tension, and diminish the impact of a stressful job. At a certain point, I realized that massage therapy was more than a way to pamper myself.  Choosing Cailin as a provider and experiencing regularly scheduled massages has become an important part of maintaining my optimal health.

Cailin is a skilled professional who tailors every session to my specific needs. She treated me during all stages of my pregnancy, offered education as part of the massage, and helped me understand the physical changes and symptoms I was experiencing. I recommend Cailin regularly because I think her approach is unique and effective. She seeks client input, creating a partnership that guides each session. At the same time, Cailin is a clinical expert who frequently discovers areas that need therapy with very little direction. For these reasons, therapy with Cailin would be beneficial to those who are new to the concept of massage therapy and those who have experienced it regularly."

West Hartford, CT

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